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Alarm is not recommended

Obviously I’m not criticizing scientists from the same point of view as climate change deniers. Some scientists do great work sounding the alarm about global warming. Others, and this is what this cartoon is about, minimize the danger.

From BBC News:

…Professor Semiletov’s fellow researcher aboard the Russian icebreaker that carries the ISSS team each year is Professor Orjan Gustafsson from Stockholm University in Sweden.

He said that methane measured in the atmosphere around the region is 100 times higher than normal background levels, and in some cases 1,000 times higher.

Despite the high readings, Professor Gustafsson said that so far there was no cause for alarm, and stressed that further studies were still necessary to determine the exact cause of the methane seepage.

* * *

I disagree. I think we should be highly alarmed, and we should do whatever it takes to save the planet. Even if there’s disagreement about what the increased methane means, we should not be playing with that. Life on Earth is at stake. We don’t get another chance to do it over if we miss our chance to save it.

Here’s the whole article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8437703.stm

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