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Feel Good

They Mean You

Code Green in the local paper

My local city paper, the Sun-Sentinel, has been running my Code Green cartoons on the editorial page every other Friday for a couple months.

Everybody knows that newspapers have been in crisis, that audiences have largely moved over to the web. Newspapers no longer have a monopoly on information; they aren’t the opinion-makers they once were.

Still, there’s a special sense of satisfaction, and a feeling of having succeeded as a cartoonist that’s different from any other, to have my cartoons on the Sentinel’s editorial page. I’ve been illustrating a column for the paper for the past year that’s run in the Outlook section, but to make it onto the editorial page is different — it has gravity. It means that my opinion matters. It’s a total thrill when my relatives, and my mom’s friends, and my friends’ children, say things like: “I saw your cartoon in the paper yesterday!” “I cut out your cartoon and showed it to my class!”

I very much appreciate and value every reader I have on the web, of course. But there’s just something special and serious about having cartoons on the editorial page of the newspaper that my parent read when I was a child, that I grew up with, and that has a solid history in this city.

“Mischief in the Forest” available!

I’m receiving my shipment of “Mischief in the Forest” books today!
It’s a children’s book written by Derrick Jensen, and illustrated by me.

If buy them from me directly, I’ll sign them and you can have free shipping.
(Please buy them from me, Derrick or PM Press rather than Amazon! It’s how we make our living.)

They’re $15. It’s hardcover, 40 pages of cuteness.

Summary from the back cover:

“Grandma Johnson lives alone in the forest and loves to knit sweaters for her grandchildren in the city. One day, after returning from a visit with them, her solitude comes to an end — someone has taken her yarn! The mystery is solved in a colorful fashion when Grandma Johnson sees the bears, birds, rabbits, trees and other forest dwellers playing with the yarn. Suddenly, the forest doesn’t seem so lonely, and the visiting grandkids take great delight in getting to know its inhabitants.

“This picture book is a lesson for both young and old to connect with one’s surroundings and embrace the role of good neighbors with the rest of the natural world, whether in the city or in the forest.”

Mystery Rash

Bio-Remediation or Bio-Hazard? Dispersants, Bacteria and Illness in the Gulf
by Rikki Ott, Marine Toxicologist and Exxon-Valdez survivor


…I first heard about the rash from Sheri Allen in Mobile, Alabama. Allen wrote of red welts and blisters on her legs after “splashing and wading on the shoreline” of Mobile Bay with her two dogs on May 8. She reported that “hundreds of dead fish” washed up on the same beach over the following two days. This was much too early for the summer sun to have warmed the water to the point of oxygen depletion, but not too early for dispersants and dispersed oil to be mixed into the Gulf’s water mass. By early July, Allen’s rash had healed, leaving black bruises and scarring.

I have heard from Gulf residents and visitors who developed a rash or peeling palms from contact with Gulf water, including such activities as swimming or wading, getting splashed, handling oiled material or dead animals without gloves, and shucking crabs from the recently opened Gulf fisheries. I have also heard from people who developed the same symptoms after contact with Gulf air by wiping an oily film off their airplane’s leading edges after flying over the Gulf (absorbent pad tested positive for oil) or swimming in outdoor pools, or splashing in puddles, after it rained.

To make things a little scarier, some of the oil-eating bacteria have been genetically modified, or otherwise bioengineered, to better eat the oil — including Alcanivorax borkumensis and some of the Pseudomonas. Oil-eating bacteria produce bio-films. According to Nurse Schmidt, studies have found that bio-films are rapidly colonized (p. 97) by other Gram-negative bacteria — including those known to infect humans.

Read the rest of the article and see photos here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/riki-ott/bio-remediation-or-bio-ha_b_720461.html

“As the World Burns” reviewed in Turkish newspaper

A review of “As the World Burns” appears in the Turkish national newspaper Gazete Vatan.

Thank you to Serhat Elfun Demirkol for the translation!

Book in my Bag

As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do To Stay in Denial

Think again the trumperies of “Such Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Word”. Derrick Jensen and Stephanie McMillan tackle the solutions driven by ecological consumption in a funny as well as an impressive way, including energy efficiency, recycling, changing faucet knob, etc. With drawings of McMillan and wording of Jensen, it’s an impressive comic. A battle of wild animals, plants and humans remembering the wholeness of nature and that humans are part of this wholeness against alien machines.

* * *

Çantamdaki kitap

Dünya Yanarken İnkar Etmek

için Yapabileceğimiz 50 Basit Şey

Dünyayı Kurtarmak İçin Yapabileceğiniz Şu Kadar Basit Şey” palavralarını bir daha düşünün. Derrick Jensen ve Stephanie McMillan, enerji verimliliği, geri dönüşüm, musluk başlıklarını değiştirmek gibi ekolojik tüketim çözümlerini eğlenceli ve eğlenceli olduğu kadar çarpıcı bir şekilde eleştiriyor. McMillan’ın çizgisi ve Jensen’in betimleriyle etkileyici bir çizgi roman. Yıkımı durdurmak için bir araya gelen yabani hayvanların, bitkilerin ve doğanın bütünlüğünü ve insanın da bunun bir parçası olduğunu yeniden hatırlamaya başlayan insanların uzaydan gelen makinelere karşı savaşı.

Çeviren: Yıldız Temürtürkan

Sayfa Sayısı: 224

Yayınevi: Minima Yayıncılık

Fiyatı: 11,25 TL

Mad Scientists

The powerful coalition that wants to engineer the world’s climate

Businessmen, scientists and right-wing thinktanks are joining forces to promote ‘geo-engineering’ ideas to cool the planet’s climate

by Clive Hamilton
guardian.co.uk, Monday 13 September 2010

Read the article here:


* * *
Excerpts and my comments:

Or dark-coloured forests could be converted into light-coloured grasslands that reflect more sunlight.

Cut down forests to save the environment — they’re really saying this? They’ll do anything to avoid slowing down their profit-machine global economy.

Economically it is an extremely attractive substitute because its cost is estimated to be ‘trivial’ compared to those of cutting carbon pollution.

They deny global warming until it’s too late, then suddenly it’s an emergency only they can solve by insane means.

A year ago an article about this came out in the NYT with the tone of “geoengineering is an interesting crazy idea that no one believes will ever happen.” As soon as they did that, it was clear what the direction of it would be. They always float out new outrageous things as “crazy ideas that they would never do” to get the public used to it, to prepare us for later shoving it down our throats.

We need to stop these people.