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Press Release: Code Green wins SPJ award

The prestigious Society of Professional Journalists’ 2010 Sigma Delta Chi Award for excellence in journalism has been awarded to Code Green by Stephanie McMillan in the editorial cartooning category. Code Green is the only syndicated editorial cartoon in the U.S. about environmental issues.

Judges chose the winners from over 1,400 entries in categories covering print, radio, television and online. The awards recognize outstanding work published or broadcast in 2010.

McMillan of Fort Lauderdale, FL, submitted an entry of cartoons published in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Los Angeles Times.

During the past year, Code Green has covered:

• The Gulf of Mexico oil spill
• Fukushima nuclear plant disaster
• Global warming
• Fossil fuels and alternative power sources
• Environmental regulations, global agreements and government corruption
• The pacifying roles of “Big Green” non-profits and lifestyle activism
• Sources of pollution, such as mining
• Contaminated water and food

“It is a great honor for me to receive the Sigma Delta Chi Award. I would like to thank the Society of Professional Journalists for recognizing my work and supporting my efforts to bring public attention to the environmental emergency and the need to respond effectively,” said McMillan.

Code Green is available for publication at reasonable rates.
View samples at stephaniemcmillan.org/codegreen


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Administration Stacks Panel With Big Oil and Gas

The Obama administration panel named May 5 to study hydraulic fracturing, a natural gas drilling technique that injects thousands of gallons of chemical-laced water into the ground, is dominated by oil and gas industry professionals.

Notably, the panel does not include citizens from communities concerned about the damage to health, water and private property posed by the surge in natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

“An industry insider like John Deutch is completely unacceptable to lead this panel,” Environmental Working Group Senior Counsel Dusty Horwitt said. “It looks as if the Obama Administration has already reached the conclusion that fracking is safe.”