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The Sky Is Blue

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  1. J Doug says:

    Heartland Institute in financial crisis after billboard controversy
    Heartland president admits advertisment comparing believers in human-made climate change to psychopaths has taken a toll

    The alarmist got their bloomers in a knot over this bill board that Heartland put up in Chicago and, yes Ted does believe in AGW as well as Charles Manson.

    When this was going around on YouTube we didn’t seem to hear much out cry about any of the less than appealing “messages” that the alarmist were telling even children or who ever would listen.


    Take a look at Ted and then these videos and see which you think is the most offensive.

  2. admin says:

    Until now, I hadn’t seen that 10:10 video. It certainly is disgusting and repellant, I agree with you there. For the record, 10:10 does not represent all environmentalists. It’s ridiculous to say that one awful film made by one group (or committee in a group) negates all the information we have about global warming. This is the same kind of absurd, illogical equation made in the Heartland Institute’s billboards.